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Enhance your wealth with training from experienced real-world investors.

Get access to open-to-all masterclasses, member workshops and more, and enjoy the opportunity to learn proven strategies from industry professionals with years of experience.

All our training is simple and effective with regular sessions, webinars and masterclasses, as well as 24/7 access to our e-learning courses.

All you need is a laptop, wifi connection and the right mindset to start supplementing your primary source of income. We cover everything from investing accounts to graph reading, how to use and understand compounding calculators, live investing examples and more.

Join one of our upcoming training sessions and become part of the Investment Mastery community. Meet and connect with like-minded people looking to grow their wealth, listen to their stories, be inspired, and most of all, learn tried, tested and robust strategies to harness opportunities in the stock and crypto markets.

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Why Train With Investment Mastery?

Why Train With Investment Mastery
Proven investment strategies & owned IP
When it comes to money, we're never just "winging it". All our strategies are tried, tested and proven by us before we give them to you.
Track record of client success, proving that what we do works
If you're wondering whether Investment Mastery is right for you, our clients' success stories really do speak for themselves. No matter your background, we can help you create a better financial future.
We are a membership, not an online course.
This isn't a 'do once and never again' online course. Investment Mastery is a long-term partnership, providing you with ongoing education to see you through the inevitable ups and downs of your entire financial journey.
An "Always there for you" support system.
Our main goal is to help you. That's why we are always available to provide you with personalised support for your specific financial goals.

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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about our training and how it is delivered.

We recommend starting with our free masterclasses. Open to all and free to join, we offer masterclasses in Stocks and in Crypto so you can choose the one most relevant to you. We’ll cover the basic principles of successful trading and investment, giving you the knowledge to jump-start your financial journey. 
We always recommend starting with around £2,000 (or your country’s currency equivalent). However, you can start with as little as £500; it will just take you longer to see any large returns on your money.  The most important thing is you start!
All our training is available via Zoom, so you can attend from anywhere in the world. All you need is your laptop, wifi and you’re good to go. 
Some of our sessions are open to everyone, like our free masterclasses, while others are exclusive to our members. The icons and categorisation of events at the top of the page indicate which are which!

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